Snob Love

Each month, The Fabric Snob donates 1% of all sales to a non-profit charitable cause.


Septembers's charity is The Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba

From the organization:

Every day, we see the possible become the probable, and the probable become the reality.

We see it in medical advances – where we routinely treat conditions that were once fatal.

We see it in research that translates directly into better care and better outcomes.

We see it in families and friends – carrying each other through long dark nights and days.

And we see it in children’s resiliency and their endless capacity for love.

Let’s make anything possible

For more about them or to donate, visit their website:


October's charity: Northern Beginnings


August 2021 : STARS Air Ambulance

July 2021 : The Trevor Project

June's charity: The Legacy of Hope